Will I be approved?

Being approved for a payday loan is easier than you may
think! Once you fill out the online application you may receive notification of
your approval in minutes after submission. If you meet the basic requirements
of being 18 years or older, residing in the state where you are applying and
submitting accurate information you can feel confident that you will receive
the funds that you need.


Payday advance makes it easy to get the funds you need, when
you need them. If you have any issues or problems you can contact the customer
support line and receive direct answers to your questions or concerns. There is
no need to wait endless days to receive the money you need, when Payday Advance
can often get your funds to you within 24 hours.


Each situation is different, however if you apply and meet
the basic requirements of the payday loan process, you can feel confident that
Payday Advance will provide you with the money you need. We understand that
everyone falls on hard times and are here to help when you need it. Call or
visit Payday Advance online today to see how easy getting the money you need
really is.