Same Day Loans


A same day loan is a specific type of payday loan that will
provide you with the needed funds in as little as 24 hours after applying. This
advance provides consumers immediate relief for their financial problem and
allows you to pay back the loan by the specified date.

With Payday Advance the application process will be very
simple. You will have to submit your basic information, which will include
name, address, employment information and income. This is the information that
will be used to determine if you are initially eligible to receive a loan. Once
the same day loan application is received you can get an answer within a few
hours. However, this will vary from application to application.

The main factor that may slow down the approval of your loan
is if the amount that you request is not feasible with the income you have.
However, if this is the case you can always reapply with a more appropriate

Once you have been approved your contract will be created.
This contract will specify the amount of the loan, as well as when it is due.
Additionally, it will outline the interest or charge for obtaining the loan.
Both parties must agree and sign the contract prior to funds being released.

When the contract is signed and filed, you can have the
funds directly deposited into your bank account. You have the money you need
and no longer have to worry about finding the funds to pay your obligations.