Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy is owned by the Pay Day Advance website. The Privacy Policy of the Site uses, contains and the lending data by and about the customer as he pays, visits and uses the Site; and the data on the service communication with the customer as the website provides the information on how the Service works and advertises itself.

The Site guarantees the total security of the personal data provided by the customer. Regarding this issue, the Service considers the given information security as its main priority. Pay Day Advance takes all the necessary physical, electronic and procedural measures to provide the safety of the customer’s personal information.

Customer Data Privacy

We think of the customer’s data confidentiality according to our huge safe online experience. We only provide access to the customer’s personal data provided only in case and to those who need it in order to offer him the requested service. The measures taken by us regarding the customer’s security abide with the federal laws. Even in case the customer is inactive we remain the privacy terms on his data provided due to the guidelines marked in this document.

Necessary Information

Main types of the gathered data

We need to gather several main types of personal information regarding the fact on how the customer uses the Service and the fact we hold business with him. Have a look on various examples:

The personal information the customer provides in surveys, forms, applications including electronic means of communication. The personal information the customer provides to authenticate representations such as employment history, income facts and identity which includes:

  • The customer’s name,
  • The customer’shome address,
  • The customer’s phone number,
  • The customer’s driver license number,
  • The customer’s Social Security number,
  • The customer’s bank account information,
  • The customer’s email address,
  • The customer’s employment data,
  • The customer’sincome.

The customer’s browsing data such as preferences, visited pages history, technical information on his computer and operating system such as:

  • The customer’s domain name,
  • The customer’s Internet Protocol (IP) address,
  • The customer’s system configuration and settings.

The sources of the customer’s provided information.

We gather facts on the customer from different sources:

  • The customer’s facts provided online,
  • The customer’s facts provided in forms and applications,
  • The customer’s other facts provided in communication by email or telephone,
  • The customer’s facts gathered from the third parties such as other moneylenders,
  • Automatic information gathered when the customer visits our site.

Cookies and Other Technological Means

Cookies are data provided by the computer the customer uses when communicating with us. The Site or its affiliates may put Flash objects or cookies on the customer’s computer to enhance the design, functionality and website’s content to offer the customer better service.

Our work with the customer’s cookies includes:

  • Providing better services and content.
  • Analyzing technical information on the customer’s time spent on the site, his preferences in browsers and pages history.
  • The customer’s responses and reaction to the Site advertisements.

Once the customer visits the Pay Day Advance site the service starts to monitor his cookies for monitoring and navigating their website including the proposals of various service products the customer may need. The site only monitors the cookies that have nothing to do with the personal data. In case the customer doesn’t agree to approve the website’s cookies he may not have full access to the site’s privileges.

The site’s affiliates may offer advertising via web beacons which are situated on the page with HTML cookies that define the browser facts, IP address, the computer time zone and domain, information on how the customer uses our website.


Our advertising affiliates promote the service connected to us. We also use cookies on the partner sites that promote our products. The cookies don’t include or distribute any private facts. This data is used for analyzing the advertising provided on our websites. Other advertisements provided to you are formed according to the visits you make across various sites. This customizing form is constructed with the customer’s browser cookies the data from which are not recognizable individually. This type of advertising helps the customer to get more specified advertising offers including free content, products and services.

In case the customer chooses a non-personal use of data he can choose an option of online behavioral promotion – for that option he needs to drop us a line on info (at)

Nevertheless, it’s important for the customer to take into account that in case he chooses this option he still gets the web advertising from the site. Moreover, in that case the advertisement you receive will not obligatory coincide with your preferences. Your browser is to be specially adjusted to get cookies for behavioral promotion. In case you remove cookies, changes the computer, use different logins you’ll have to opt out again in case your browser is not scripting disabled. Please make sure of your browser security settings to define whether the scripting is activated or deactivated.

The Information Use and Distribution

The Use of the Facts We Gather:

  • We provide the customer with the better possible service and experience.
  • We work on providing the customer with the products and services he is interested in.
  • We interact with the customer regarding the offers, service updates and promotions.
  • We provide the customer with the personalized content and promotion he is interested in.
  • We process records of update account and payments.
  • We evaluate the customer’s payment histories, demographics and preferences.
  • To form reporting and other legal necessities.

Parties We Disclose to

The Third Parties Shared Data

The Service shares the customer’s personal data with consumer and associated agencies. Once the customer submits his personal data to our website he is not allowed to restrict this service feature. The Service shares the customer’s personal information with companies they are associated with to promote the products and services the customer might be interested in. Nevertheless, the customer is allowed to rid of this type of data sharing by marking “No” in the special section when applying for the service or sending a request after that on

Negative Information Notice cases

The customer’s moneylender is allowed to report his personal data provided to customer reporting agencies. Late or missed payments may be revealed in the customer’s credit rating.

Information from Pay Day Advance

If you do get e-mail from our website you signify that you are able to get this information for getting future service data and you have accepted the Site Terms of Service.

The customer may regularly get e-mails on the service updates. The Site affiliates and partners may contact the customer by phone, SMS or e-mail to provide facts on the new offers. In case the customer doesn’t want to get these e-mails he may unsubscribe from them.

Opting Out

The customer has the right to opt out at any moment. He only needs to press the unsubscribe link provided in every Pay Day Advance e-mail.

Precision of the Customer’s Account Data

The Service has taken all the measures to making the customer’s financial data precise, up-to-date and complete. The Service upholds complete and precise facts towards the customer’s accounts. Once the customer realizes the Service uses the inadequate facts regarding him he should let us know.

Privacy Policy Modifications

Pay Day Advance has the right to make changes, delete or insert new sections in the Privacy Policy agreement any time. It’s important to the customer to monitor the site regularly to be informed of any modifications. The posting of any modifications will be provided to the customer as the sole notification.

Special Security Measures

The customer needs to help us with safeguarding his personal data. It’s his duty to keep his data confidentiality on public and use the Site only from his personal computer. The customer agrees to take responsibility for the Pay Day Advance activities once he starts using the Site.


We don’t cooperate, provide service and gather information from the people younger than 18. Our customers must have a least 18 years to use our website. Once you start using our Service you agree you are 18 years old or above.

In case the Customer doesn’t Agree with the Privacy Policy?

In case the customer doesn’t agree with the Privacy Policy he can only stop using the website and provide us his personal information.