Paycheck Advance FAQ

What is a paycheck advance?

A paycheck advance is a short term loan that is given to
consumers who are in need of a small loan until their next payday. These loans
were designed specifically to be from a week to a month in length, and expected
to be paid back upon receipt of the person’s next paycheck.

How do you qualify for a paycheck advance?

Fill out the online application and provide your personal
and employment information. You application will be evaluated and you will be
notified if you are approved. The requirements of approval include:

At least 18 years of age


Active check account

Once you meet these requirements you can fill out the online
application to see if you qualify for a paycheck loan.

How long do you have to repay the loan?

With a paycheck loan you will be asked to provide a personal
check for the amount of the loan and dated for the agreed upon due date. This
check will be deposited on the date indicated and your obligation will have

What are the benefits of a paycheck loan?

A paycheck loan can help you make ends meet during “in
between” pay periods. This money can be used for day to day expenses or for
emergencies. Payday Advance will never ask for the purpose of the loan, just
that you pay it back on the due date.