Is Collateral Required?

Another appealing factor of the Payday Advance loans is the
fact that there is no collateral required. When you visit a title loan
establishment, you have to leave the title of your care for collateral. If you
get a loan from a bank, you have to provide collateral in the shape of your
vehicle or other asset that you own. However, with Payday Advance, no collateral
is necessary.

This means that you keep your car and all other assets clear
and free when you apply for a payday loan with Payday Advance. For those with
limited means this is an extremely helpful factor.

Payday Advance wants to help you get the money you need
quickly, without requiring you to provide any sort of collateral. This is a
huge help for those that simply need to access cash for an emergency situation.

There is no reason that you should have to put up your car
or other asset in order to get the cash that is necessary for an emergency
expense. With Payday Advance, you don’t have to. They make the loan process
quick, easy and painless. There is no reason to search around or flounder for
the money you need, when it is right at your fingertips when you apply online.