How does a Cash Advance Work?

A cash advance is a simply, painless way to get the money
you need. Simply visit the Payday Advance website and fill out their short and
easy application, providing accurate personal information. Upon approval you
will receive the cash that you need. Once you have received the cash from
Payday Advance you can use it for emergency medical bills, uh-oh car repairs,
or any other reason you may need cash. Payday Advance will never pry into your
personal reasons for obtaining the loan.

You should keep in mind, however, that the purpose of a cash
advance is to provide you with a short term loan for immediate cash needs. This
means that you need to repay the loan as soon as possible to avoid any fees or
penalties that may be associated to not paying on time.

The Basics

In order to qualify for a cash advance you have to fill out
the provided application with your name, age and employment information,
including your income. Also, Payday Advance stipulates how much you can borrow
in relationship to how much you make. You need to be sure to keep your loan
within this amount in order to avoid immediate rejection. Once your loan has
been processed, your needed funds will be direct deposited into your personal
banking account for you to use right away.